Mary Cunningham

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Manual dexterity
I met Sonica 3.5 years ago, I have met many hairdressers, unfortunately, I did not have the best experiences, I also avoided hair salons for many years.
Sonica had something that drew me to her, her passion, determination, and a commitment to giving the best to her clients.

Been visiting Sonica for a little while now and it was by far the best decision I have made. This woman is a creative genius, you go to her with an idea and she will create something much better than you had suggested. She is a caring, passionate lady that is always striving for greatness and exceeds at what she puts her mind to. Thank you for being the best hair stylist/creator that I know.


Sonica has been my hairdresser now for approximately 4 years. I have never been unhappy with any hairstyles from Sonica Creation. Sonica is a perfectionist, who is passionate about hair. She provides a warm and friendly service and has a phenomenal amount of knowledge in relation to hair growth and maintenance.

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