About Us

Why Choose Us?

Sonica Creation Salon is one where you can relax and enjoy a good service plus leave feeling like a million dollars.

Here at Sonica Creation Salon, we offer Hair & Beauty Services, using the best products and offering aftercare advice. Come in and see us, we would love to welcome you, let us make you beautiful and give you the confidence boost you need.

Sonica, The CEO of Sonica Creation Salon's hairdressing journey dates back to 2001 when she left St. Vincent and the Grenadines to venture to Trinidad and Tobago, another island in the Caribbean, to further her studies in Hair & Beauty.

After pursuing these courses, she felt she wanted more of a challenge and to advance her skills set, so then left Trinidad and Tobago in 2003 and headed to the United Kingdom where she continued to do several training courses to enhance her skills and gain qualifications.

As time went on, Sonica started to work in several hair salons where she gained hands-on experience on another level and she was able to showcase her skills and knowledge to portray her work making every client feel special.

While gaining skills and improving daily she was able to offer mobile services to clients and would do this to start building up her own clientele base as the future for the Sonica Creation brand was bright.

Over the years, her clientele escalated drastically, this was because of the exceptional service she provides and attention to detail.

In 2017, Sonica then decided that it was time to open her own Salon to expand and provide more services.

Sonica is a very driven and passionate Stylist and her drive for success is inevitable.

Sonica has always had a love for makeup and over years has developed into another passion. Being an entrepreneur in the making, Sonica took to doing a few makeup courses showing her dedication, which she has now gained certificates. She is able to offer all aspects of makeup as an additional service to her clients, which is very convenient.

Sonica says: ``I feel great helping women to feel more confident when I enhance their beauty. Am always educating myself to be the best, because I want to give my clients only the very best!``

I met Sonica 3.5 years ago, I have met many hairdressers, unfortunately, I did not have the best experiences, I also avoided hair salons for many years.
Sonica had something that drew me to her, her passion, determination, and a commitment to giving the best to her clients.

Been visiting Sonica for a little while now and it was by far the best decision I have made. This woman is a creative genius, you go to her with an idea and she will create something much better than you had suggested. She is a caring, passionate lady that is always striving for greatness and exceeds at what she puts her mind to. Thank you for being the best hair stylist/creator that I know.


Sonica has been my hairdresser now for approximately 4 years. I have never been unhappy with any hairstyles from Sonica Creation. Sonica is a perfectionist, who is passionate about hair. She provides a warm and friendly service and has a phenomenal amount of knowledge in relation to hair growth and maintenance.


I have been coming to Sonica to do my hair for years, it started after a bad experience with my last hairdresser and I have never looked back. All of the women in my family use Sonica and we’re all so happy with our results, even though we each get a different type of style or treatment, which says so much about Sonica’s diverse skills. I travel all the way from North London to High Wycombe to have my hair done because I trust Sonica and she always sets me up beautifully for holidays and work trips.


Sonica Creation my sister is the only name I can best describe her, she creates numerous hairstyle without any inspiration and that’s what you call talent. She is passionate about every single hair she does and ensures each customer leaves satisfied.


My first appointment with Sonica was 5 years ago because my hair was damaged as a result of DIY relaxing. Since then, not only has my hair grown but so has my knowledge of hair care. In my history of going to different salons and having different hairdressers, Sonica has stood out by far due to her passion and knowledge for hair – she really understands Afro/Caribbean hair.